2005 CORR Event Coverage: Scott Taylor Returns to Familiar Place in Round 1

May. 21, 2005 By Jeremy Pyatskowit
Chad Hord wins Round 1

Pro-Lite Division

The Pro-Lite trucks started the racing program for the pro divisions. Using the pole position to his advantage in the LeMan's-style start, Nissan's Art Schmitt took the early lead with Chad Hord following closely. Schmitt's lead would not last a full lap however, with Hord easily making the pass for the lead.

Jeff Kincaid's Potawatomi Toyota was running strong in third place with Steve Federico and last year's champion Kyle LeDuc giving chase. Kincaid was too strong for Schmitt, as Schmitt dropped back another spot.

As the laps progressed, Schmitt continued to fade, dropping another position to Federico. Meanwhile, LeDuc was also closing fast from his starting position near the back. Mid-race it was Kincaid in the lead followed by Hord, Federico and LeDuc. Hord did not give up after losing the lead and continued running a hard pace behind Kincaid. LeDuc showed why he was the champion by moving up into third place.

Attrition took its toll as Kincaid slowed with engine trouble, allowing Hord to regain the top spot. Federico and Schmitt battled for fourth as Schmitt began making a comeback.

With the laps winding down and Kincaid slowing, LeDuc had a spin in turn two, ending his day. When the checkers waved, it was Chad Hord taking the Round 1 win, with Federico second, and Schmitt rebounding to third.

Scott Taylor starts the season where he left off

Pro-2 Division

Kevin Probstpowered into the lead at the drop of the green in his U.S. Army Chevrolet. Carl Renezeder took an inside line to move into second around turn 1. Renezeder wasted no time getting around Probst taking over the top spot. Last year's champion Scott Taylor rounded out the top three in his Skyjacker Ford. The top three pulled away from the rest of thefield leaving Larry Gourlie, Josh Baldwin, Scott Douglas, and Steve Barlow fighting for fourth.

Renezeder stretched his lead in the Lucas Oil Chevrolet leaving Probst and Taylor to race amongst themselves. Baldwin Douglas and Barlow continued to race hard for fourth.Unfortunately, Renezeder's strong start did not hold up as he pulled off the track with engine trouble. Probst inherited the lead and looked strong with a bit of a lead over Taylor . The top spot continued to be trouble as Probst got a flat right rear, slowing him considerably.

At the finish line Scott Taylor took the win with Baldwin bouncing back for second and Douglas taking third in his new Pro-2 Rancho Ford, with a last-second pass over the ailing Probst.

A strong run nets Carl Renezeder the early points lead


Eight trucks toed the line in the Pro-4 division and it looked like a strong field. Jason Baldwin jumped into the lead from the pole position with Curt LeDuc running in second. Last year's runner-up, Carl Renezeder, pressured LeDuc with an inside move and got passed for second later in the lap.

Greaves had a very strong run from the seventh starting position, taking over the second spot from Renezeder. Contact in the corner moved Greaves out of the way and Renezeder retook second place. Baldwin's lead dwindled until Renezeder passed him for the lead. With Baldwin in second and Greaves in third, they would both soon lose their hard-earned positions. Baldwin turned too early on the back stretch and stopped in mid-turn. Greaves slid to a stop immediately behind him and LeDuc and the Skyjacker Ford made an end run around both of them, while Baldwin was backing into Greave's Toyota.

Greaves' run for third would end with a spectacular endo when he came up short in the whoop section. Carl Renezeder had a sizeable lead at the end and coasted to the victory, followed by LeDuc and Baldwin.

Stay posted for Round 2 coverage tomorrow.
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