Bully Dog Power Pup Downloader for Duramax owners

Sep. 01, 2003 By ORC STAFF
Aberdeen, ID - The crew from Bully Dog has been hard at work developing MORE power for Duramax owners. New and just released by Bully Dog is the Power Pup Downloader for 2001-2003 Duramax owners. We arrived at the Bully Dog shop the day after they had been out testing the Power Pup on Mister Universe, the Bully Dog 2002 SEMA project. The Duramax was covered with tar and rubber from burnouts. Lots of fun! And we are sure the tire manufactures approve as they will be needing some new ones very soon. <grin>
BullyDog Power Pup Downloader plugged into the OB2 port.

The Power Pup Downloader simply plugs into the OBD2 port and then downloads a new program into the computer. Unlike chips which actually fake the computer out the downloader actually changes the programming in the computer and is therefore much more efficient. What you can not do is change the program on the fly like you can with a chip.

When you plug the Power Pup in you will first upload the stock settings from your vehicle into the downloader. This is then saved in the downloader so that you can revert to stock settings at any time. The Downloader also contains functions to scan and erase any engine codes that may be left.

After uploading your stock settings you can now download the program of choice into the computer of your Duramax. Included with it are 50, 70, and 95 HP power programs. If you want some really serious Horsepower, for Off-road use only of course, then you can upgrade to the 150 HP program. To activate this program you will need to purchase the code from BullyDog by going to this link: Unleash the Power. It can't be much simpler than that!

Other features found in the Downloader is the ability to remove the speed limiter on 2002 and 2003 Duramax models and the ability to adjust your speedo for different tire sizes. Want even MORE power? Then stack the Downloader on top of the Dyno Dominator computer module for even more HP. Bully Dog also recommends that all of its performance products be installed with gauges to help monitor boost and exhaust temperatures.

Power Pup Downloader
Part #: 043566
Price/ea.: 419.00
Call 208-397-3200
or 866-285-5936 to order

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Bully Dog Technologies
2854 W 220 S
Aberdeen, ID 83210

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